A White spot is a term for a customer need, for example A node in a decision tree that is not met in an existing assortment. By filling in a white spot you can increase the turnover without the sale cannibalizing to a great extent on the existing assortment, precisely because it covers a need that is not covered in advance.  

For all retailers, white spots are particularly interesting because they fill new needs and because it is often synonymous with innovation and innovative thinking. Too many manufacturers are focusing too much on the me-too products, which in fact only increase the range in depth, and not in breadth, and thus do not respect the fact that the space in the shops is a button factor.  

Thus not saying that new goods cannot go after meeting the same needs as existing goods, but then they must have something more to offer to be relevant. It can be in the form of new flavors, added value such as more fibers, an innovative packaging, higher level of animal welfare, and not unkind: tastes better!